Cheesy Kung-Fu Movies. That's what brought me into production!

Specifically, my friend's homemade kung-fu movies. I remember being completely intrigued seeing him star in his own kung fu movie for the first time. That's when I was first introduced to the idea of movie production and editing (VCR-to-VCR!). It grew from a hobby, to a passion, to a profession. In fact, I changed my Engineering degree to a Film and Television one, to much raised brows from my parents! Though it didn't take long for them to see my love and passion for the medium and are now convinced that this is the kind of work that makes me excited get up each day.

What I enjoy the most about it is the collaboration of minds focused into making an entertaining product. Whether it's with a wedding couple, brainstorming ways to tell their story in a unique way, with business owners, striving to sell their services/products, or with writers, directors, producers, or any other artists trying to get their story told, I embrace the entire process.

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