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Everything I Do – Crystal and Louie’s Concept Video

Sunday, September 28th, 2008
sharing the laughter with their guests

sharing the laughter with their guests

Crystal and Louie are far form the lovey dovey type, so it was only appropriate to make a video for them that is more fitting to their personalities. They wanted to create something that would completely surprise and entertain their guests as well as include their entire entourage.

This was one of those projects that started as a small idea and grew to an immense beast of a project. The memorable moments we captured and experienced on set can only be attributed to our chemistry on set. They were more than willing to step out of their own comfort zone (along with the rest of their entourage, as you’ll see) to make a truly epic collection of music video spoofs.

Even the beginning mock slideshow, complete with the cheesy music and graphics, was perfect to set the tone for the surprise that was coming for all of the guests at their wedding reception.

I was even able to surprise them with a same-day edit that I spliced into the film just minutes before the presentation of the video! The screening was an absolute success. Seeing the joy in their faces and the laughter they all shared, made all the hard work worth it.