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Australia Trailer – “Epic… in 30 seconds.”

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Here’s my latest project: a 30-second tv spot for the upcoming movie, Australia. They provide all of the elements for you to create your tv spot. I saw this as a great opportunity to focus on my editing techniques, and all other contestants have the same footage to work with (although they say you can add your own original elements, i can’t picture using anything other than their own footage for the tv spot).

After downloading the huge .zip file that included all of the media elements, I was a bit disappointed to find that the bundle was a bit poorly assembled. They only include two different theatrical trailers for footage; so there are no “handles” on clips to allow for a more flexible edit. Essentially, you are left with the task to turn a already edited two-minute theatrical trailer and turn it into a clean TV spot. It really felt more like a challenge to see how well you can “clean and fix”, as opposed to how well you can “create.” Not only did they not provide any additional raw footage, but the music they provided was also direct from the trailer edit, full with volume changes!

Still, I was stoked to work with professional, high-budget epic movie footage, and I’ve always been a fan of good trailers (anybody ever heard of the Golden Trailer Awards?). After meticulously piecing together all the dialogue clips with the corresponding video clips, piecing and marking the various sound effects, and cutting and smoothing down the trailer music, I was ready to edit. Lately, I’ve made it a habit to be very, very organized with all of my clips and sequences because it is so easy to get lost as the project gets bigger.

The biggest obstacle I came up against: 30 seconds! It is quite the task to try to sell a movie in 30 seconds. It made me think of commercials I saw of other movies I wanted to watch; all I remember, is that they would just go by way too fast. But, I edited until my eyes burned, and I’m happy with what I pulled together in just a few nights. In the end, I came up with three different TV spots.

#1: “In A World” – I like to call this edit “in a world” because it has the typical makings of an epic movie trailer… you know how you get introduced into a preview and the narrator voice starts off with “in a world…. blah blah blah”. Then it continues with the slow build-up, the budding romance, and then BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, all the eye candy to try to entice you into wanting to watch the movie in the theaters.

#2: “Storytime” – Slower paced, more story-oriented.

#3: “Objection” (Scored by Peter DeLeon) – I was trying to figure out how to make my entry stand out while having it still look/feel commercial. I figured the best approach is to have an original score. I sent the footage of edit #1, without any music, to my good friend Peter, to see what he could come up with. When I listened to his track, I was thought, “Wow… this is a very different feel.” I liked it, but he scored something that felt more like a thriller/suspense, and so I had to create another edit with new footage and different dialogue to try to fit it.

Future Site

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

They say every journey begins with a single step. I have big visions for all the content I want to put on this site, and I am happy ChubbyMelon will be guiding me all the way. Some things to look forward to:
– more “behind-the-scenes” blogs of stories on set and general production
– some tips and tricks that i’ve learned through my various productions (including a chance for visitors to ask me direct questions about the videos)
– a helpful collection of filmmaker tools and reference links for the budding film and videomaker
– content that will explore my other passions (perhaps, Magic: the Gathering, travel, dance, photography, lateral-thinking puzzles?)
– a series of blogs of the all the good people and inspirational artists that have shaped my life
– other fun content that will hopefully keep you coming back
That is just a short list of what I have in my head, but that’ll do for now. and so begins BEAST disease, pt. II (i’ll probably blog about the “beast disease” pt. I someday).

Thank YOU,