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Producer’s Institute 2009 – the Waiting Room

Sunday, August 30th, 2009
i made the credits!  yeah!

i made the credits! yeah!

The Producers Institute for New Media Technologies is a ten-day residency for eight creative teams (independent producers or public broadcasters) with a shared goal of developing and prototyping a multi-platform project inspired by, or based on a significant documentary project. ”

I was hired as an assistant editor for Debra Schaffner for a series of videos for the Producer’s Institute. My main responsibility was to shuffle through hours of interview footage to prepare “select” soundbytes that sounded great and could be pieced together for a short video.

One of the documentary projects is called the Waiting Room. It’s an intriguing approach on getting a story heard that it’s not only a documentary film, but also a new way to push for interaction and progress in the community long after the film is screened. It explores the emergency waiting rooms across the country, and proposes the installation of interactive kiosks that will allow emergency room patients to interact with other people with similar injuries. I think it’s an amazing use of today’s technology and answers a need that many people don’t even think about – helping patients and loved ones feel less isolated in what is probably a difficult time in their lives. Here is the finished clip for The Waiting Room:

As an assistant editor, Debra taught me a lot about media organization (a must when you are sifting through hundreds of clips) and tips when in comes to editing dialogue. I’ve been an editor for a long time but I never knew how intricate dialogue editing can be until I worked with Debra. It’s amazing how you can take what seems like 20 minutes of mundane, redundant answers, and then consolidate, switch phrases and words to create a 1 minute soundbyte that not only encapsulates all of the main points but also sounds natural! I know these techniques will prove very useful in my future projects.