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So Timeless – “Beautiful”

Friday, March 12th, 2010

So Timeless is a group from San Jose California. As described on their website, “The collection of artists and musicians was assembled with the purpose of providing live entertainment for shows, benefit concerts, weddings, festivals, etc; and with the goal to produce albums throughout different genres of music.”

They were looking for an editor for their latest music video and I fit the bill. It’s a soulful song with a head-knockin beat. The setting of the video has the whole band performing the song in a club. The b-roll of the video includes shots of Jonah taking the beautiful Lonnye Dotson out on a date and them enjoying their time together.

I like editing music videos because I get to play a lot with timing… sometimes you want to cut on the beat, sometimes you want to cut off beat. It’s all about establishing a pace while keeping things unpredictable.

In my correspondence with the director, I sent him a picture-in-picture version that includes nearly every take for each part of the song. I embedded the timecode, which made it very easy for the director to request changes to the edit if her preferred a certain shot over another.

I think it’s interesting as a video on it’s own because you are able to soak up all of the footage shot in one single viewing!