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ING Direct Mobile App – Commercial Contest Entry for

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Commercial contests are fun because production is short and sweet. It’s been awhile since my last one, and my cousin Antonio has been itchin’ for a new production to work on ever since we did the SF 48 HFP. With our busy schedules, I knew a video contest could be accomplished in just a couple of days, so we started looking around.

We actually came across several different contests, but I thought shooting one for one would allow for the most creativity (plus, it seemed the most “legit” of the online video contests).

With commercials, one thing I noticed about the funniest or most entertaining ones usually have nothing to do with the actual product. The way they make it connect, is the tagline. So for this project, I started to brainstorm taglines first.

The objective is to make an advertisement for ING Direct’s mobile app. Here are some taglines I brainstormed:

“Stay up to speed.”
“No cash? Outta’ cash?”
“I shouldn’t have blown my money on…”
“Not all things were meant to be mobile.”

The last one struck a chord for both of us. We quickly began dreaming up images of people carrying refrigerators or washing machines on their back, or coffee makers attached to people’s belts, and the carnage that would cause. Ehh… might work, but we wasn’t the one that had me convinced.

A couple of nights later, Antonio says, “How about: ‘Not all businesses were meant to be mobile.” That small tweak to the tagline flipped the switch! We were quick to think of many occupations that should NOT be mobile, along with humorous visualizations why, and finally settled on one.

We shot it in a day and edited the next (due by 9pm PST). The commercial was officially uploaded by around 8:45pm!

Thoughts on production:
– i was reminded how short 30 seconds is to tell a story!
– we shot in a rented u-haul truck. six people inside. hot lights. middle of summer. T2i was not very happy about that (had to stop twice because of overheating problems)

Overall, we’re happy with the result, but we did learn a lot of lessons, most of which would’ve been taken care of if we had more time. Now, we are just awaiting the results from ING…

Our “mobile” cast and crew!

Cast: Philippe Debatey, Wendy Nguyen, Joel Tatum

Written and Directed by – Antonio Galvan and Nelson Nunez
Shot and Edited by – Nelson Nunez
Drivers – Antonio Galvan, Justin Fernandez
Art Director/Compositor – Louie Ejanda
PA/Boom – John Zapanta, Jr.
Craft Services – Heidi Galvan, Joelle Pucan, Jeree Pucan

Special thanks:
Goldie Chan, Tita Chang, Bert Nunez

Shot with: Canon T2i, 17-55mm 2.8 IS
Audio: Zoom H4n, Azden SGM-1X