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Operation Relaunch Career – Unveiling Party

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Russel Thompson, owner of Carmichael Salon, called me to see if I was interested in covering a gala event that was taking place at the salon. When I learned about what they were celebrating, I was more than happy to take the job.

Operation Relaunch Career was a way for Russel to give back to the community. The idea was to take three women who were struggling in the job market and who had life obstacles, and give them a makeover, physically and emotionally, to help them find their way back into the workforce. He assembled a “dream team” of professionals to help him accomplish this.

The operation had been in the works for several months and this was the moment that all their friends and family were going to see the amazing change in these three women. It was awesome to witness the unveiling and capture all the positive energy in the salon that night.