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Introducing the newly revamped!

Monday, September 26th, 2011
many nights pondering the layout and functionality!

many nights pondering the layout and functionality!

Welcome to my new website!

This is the result of over four months of hard thought, research, and work. I met with Methanie of Methanie Design and after a couple meetings, we were able to narrow down the goals of my website:

1. to showcase my video work in a clean and polished way
2. to make navigation simple, fast and intuitive
3. to have each video section stand on it’s own so users have all the info they need on one page, but can easily access more info and see more videos if desired
4. to make it easy to contact me and locate me on social networks
5. to have a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow me to easily update my site with new content

This site has been a long time coming, as ideas for it really began from the original launch of my site several years ago. I’m happy to have a site that tackles all of the goals listed above, and in style!

Please feel free to browse through each of my pages as you’ll see some new content as well. I hope you enjoy the site as I enjoyed being a part of creating it. Much props to Methanie for the cool design, hand-coding, and patience! Also, thank you to my colleagues at BAPVA who helped immensely not only in my transition to the DSLR workflow but also by generously sharing their knowledge and experience to help me structure the business properly.

Part of my goal in re-launching the site is to commit myself to creating new content on a regular basis. So in the coming weeks and beyond, I’ll be posting new videos and blogs… including my latest wedding concept video. Stay tuned… this one’s gonna be BIG!

Star Wars Episode Zero – Fan Film Trailer

Friday, September 16th, 2011
Episode Zero VHS Cover.  Yes, VHS!

Episode Zero VHS Cover. Yes, VHS!

With today’s release of Star Wars on Blu-Ray, I thought it would be a proper time to revisit a project of mine that is very close to my heart: Star Wars Episode Zero.

During one winter break while I was still in college, my buddy showed me these lightsaber battles that people were making in their backyard. I was completely in awe of the effect; not so much the production or story. Once I learned how to create the lightsaber effect, the possibilities of what we could accomplish took a life of it’s own. It became a year-long labor of love, in which we explored every which way we could to push our fan film to the next level: custom wardrobe, fight choreography, epic locations, and of course… new lightsabers and lightsaber battles!

The next winter break I spent entirely in the “cave”. After finalizing every frame of the trailer, we locked the edit, and then it was time to get to the effects. There is an estimated 30 seconds of lightsaber footage in the film, and at 30 frames per second, that’s a total of 900 frames of rotoscoping! Not to mention a few scenes with multiple lightsabers and complex masking when lightsabers move behind people/objects.

the Jedi cast in their element!

the Jedi cast in their element!

As many times as I’ve watched this, it still brings back all the great memories we had creating it. I consider this project moviemaking at it’s purest; driven by a passion to create the Star Wars universe in all of it’s detail, researching, writing, building, shooting, editing to exhaustion, and not getting paid for it (in fact, our main expense was the fabric for the customized wardrobe)!

How do we make the lightsaber spin in someone’s hand? How do we push what’s possible with new lightsaber styles? How can I create the hologram effect? How do I composite a moon in the background of our Palace of Fine Arts shot? These are the some of the challenges we gave ourselves and tackled in the making of this fan film.

Next time, I’ll revisit the “Making Of” and “Outtakes” clip and share with you the experience of creating Episode Zero. For now, please enjoy…

LYFE Kitchen – Same Day Edit… x2!

Monday, September 12th, 2011

I met Aaron Lee at Re:Frame 2009, an event filmmaker’s conference in San Francisco, CA. He approached me about a couple of events was shooting for a new “lifestyle brand” called LYFE Kitchen in Palo Alto, CA. His client was looking for a super-fast turnaround and had decided to bring me on board as editor since he was familiar with my work and experience (in particular the 48 hour film projects).

He shot these events in back-to-back nights. He provided me with plenty of quality footage which allowed me to take creative control in crafting a short video for each event. It was an all-day affair in the “cave”, but I was able to final edits of both events by the end of the day.

In editing these videos, I learned a lot about LYFE Kitchen and am very interested to try their food and learn more about their cause. LYFE is an acronym for Love Your Food Everyday, and their goal is to make food that is healthy, tasty and affordable. I’m for all three! The grand opening their restaurant is currently slated for October 15th, 2011.

Aaron was very happy with the turnaround time and so were his clients. Looking forward to collaborating with Aaron on more projects.