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Crash the Superbowl – The Final Bite

Monday, November 21st, 2011
the gorgeous Amelia in her debut performance!

the gorgeous Amelia in her debut performance!

Before you dive into the blog, you can watch our official entry right here:

I’ve been meaning to enter this contest for several years, and I’m happy to finally have an entry.

This was a collaborative project with my buddy and aspiring writer, Mike Hedrick. He’s been working on his craft and recently won 2nd place in Cyberspace Open hosted by As busy as I was with other projects, he really pushed to have his idea produced!

The idea came to him when teasing his chihuahua, Molly, with a treat and saw how hilarious it was when her paws would stretch out to reach for it. He then recruited his buddy Daniel and his beautiful daughter Amelia.

As simple of a production as it seems, a lot of the execution relied on two unpredictable factors, both who happen to be the stars of our commercial: a baby and a chihuahua. Amelia (baby) was actually relatively easy to work with. All she needed was one nap in the afternoon and then she was ready to go (something we could all use some days). And, thanks to Sesame Street on the iPad, that was more than enough motivation for her to crawl away from her toys.

our humble cast and crew

our humble cast and crew

It was Molly that required a few motivators; a can of gravy to slather on a beef bone larger than her whole body, to get her to ‘eat’ it rather than run away from it. And attracting her to the Doritos chip required small pieces of freshly-cooked sausage hidden under the chip (in fact, post-production required a bit of ‘erasing’ of some props that helped us get our shots)!

Our production was pretty simple, but we knew the idea didn’t require anything extravagant. Amelia is super gorgeous and Molly is cute. Throw them into a ‘chase’, and we feel we’ve got a fun and memorable commercial!

If you like it, please feel free to share with your friends and family. We’re crossing our fingers for the finalist selection which will be revealed in January. And we’re particularly excited to be entered into this contest at the chance to work with the ridiculously-hilarious Lonely Island!

Finally, here’s a little behind-the-scenes/gag reel of the production.

Connect with my buddy Mike on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Video of the Week – Cypress

Monday, November 14th, 2011
Cypress featured on the blog!

Cypress featured on the blog!

I’ve been shooting videos for TurnHere as part of their filmmaker network for awhile now, and this is the first time one of the videos I both shot and edited was selected as “Video of the Week” (another assignment I shot for Gymboree was also selected). The video was created for the new restaurant Cypress in downtown Walnut Creek.

Dimitri, the marketing director for Cypress, and I answered a few questions and TurnHere featured a little blog about it:

I approach all of my projects, big and small, with gumption and even though the owners I’ve heard back from have always expressed gratitude and satisfaction, it’s great to also be recognized by the TurnHere staff themselves.

Looking forward to shooting more assignments and meeting the locals!

Borat Storytime! the PB & J Story – Final Cut vs. Storyboards

Thursday, November 10th, 2011
Julia and Dawn (bridesmaid), gossip folk!

Julia and Dawn (bridesmaid), gossip folk!

These days, before I pursue any production (particularly narrative), I try not to move forward without locking the “storyboard template” first. It essentially serves as the guide for a shotlist and keeps the production as efficient as possible.

Basically, I create rough sketches (or take still frames/videos from the original we are spoofing) and edit them the way we envision them to play out on screen. This works well because it allows me to not only get a better idea of how a video will play out, but also, helps me refine the production approach itself. It gives me a really good idea of what works and what doesn’t before the first shot of production even takes place.

I took this approach with Crystal and Louie’s “Everything I Do” concept video as well. It’s a fun way to see how much the originals inspired us to re-create the mood and feel of each video.

With Patrick and Julia’s video, being a destination shoot in New Jersey and limited to three production days, it was absolutely essential to create it so that I could get a really good idea of how the final film will play out (and therefore, shoot accordingly). As you’ll see, we did a great job of sticking to our script but also allowed for some fun and improvisation for the talent.

It had been several months between the time I finished the storyboard template and when I finished the final cut. When I first put these two videos together, side by side, I thought to myself, “Wow, we planned this to the T!” It’s rewarding to see how all those hours of meticulous planning and preparing for the shoot paid off.

Much credit to my very talented and hard-working cast and crew; every single person involved (on and off set) worked their butt off to re-create Patrick and Julia’s favorite videos as accurately as possible with the resources available.

And of course, special thanks to the ORIGINAL artists who served as the inspiration for this video. Your music and comedy have become a huge part of Patrick and Julia’s love story and life.

You can read more about this project and see the full concept video here.