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Borat Storytime! – the PB&J story – Behind the Scenes Featurette and Outtakes

Monday, May 28th, 2012

As if it wasn’t already evident, the experience of creating this concept film was too epic to contain into a few “extra features”. I think the latest Pop-Up version does a wonderful job at presenting plenty of interesting fun facts about the production, but now you get to see and hear from the people behind the camera about what it was like to accomplish this feat, which is personally my most ambitious wedding concept production to date.

This is the story behind the “story”. Please enjoy.

Now that you’ve seen that, let’s have a little more fun with the outtakes!

Happy 1-Year Anniversary, PB & J! – “together we can help everybody keep family memories”

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I had been looking for an opportunity to “give back” in some way to the community utilizing my skills. Word got around and photographer Thai Chu approached me about a non-profit startup he was bringing together. When I heard about the objective of the organization, I was convinced to create a short video for it.

The mission of is to provide everybody with a chance to have family portraits, regardless of their socio-economic background. I hadn’t really thought about it before, this is something that can be all too easily taken for granted, especially this day in age when pocket smart phones are cranking out some serious megapixels and DSLRs are becoming more and more accessible. Still, there are those who don’t have access nor the means to acquire something that can be very enriching to their lives: the family portrait.

Thai enlisted the help of his close friends and supporters and threw a little BBQ at a local park. It was an event that had been all planned out; including the families that were to show up to have their pictures taken. Unfortunately, there was some kind of mixup and the invitation had not been sent. A near-disaster, but we lucked out when we realized there was a community holiday party happening around the corner. Thai is also a teacher and some of his volunteers were his students. He sent them out to spread the word that free family portraits and food were being offered. It didn’t take too long to start seeing families line up!

I was able to document each of the families getting their pictures taken by Thai and captured many smiles and precious moments. I think has a promising future and I’m glad to be a part of an organization that gives back to the community in a unique and relatable way.

Why a concept film?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Wedding concept films are a way for me to make use of my storytelling skills in the event industry. Growing up, I made my love for videomaking evident (with a huge VHS camcorder on my shoulder all the time, it was hard to hide!) and I was constantly being asked to shoot cotillions and weddings. I didn’t have too much interest in shooting the events themselves, so I found myself inviting the celebrants or future brides and grooms the opportunity to make fun videos that they could showcase at their parties/receptions to entertain their guests. They were short and sweet sketches and spoofs but they were always a big hit!

After coming back from film school, the demand only grew and with my freshly developed skill set, I began to produce much more polished, professional productions that pushed the envelope each time.

I LOVE the whole process of creating a concept film, from script to screen, the most rewarding part being the big premiere at their wedding receptions and witnessing everybody’s reactions to all the hard work we put into it.

There is so much that happens in the making of a film that it can prove difficult to explain the experience in a short amount of time. So recently, I have been shooting detailed interviews with each of my previous couples and diving back into ALL of their footage. And after skimming through hours upon hours of interviews, the final edits, the outtakes, the behind the scenes, and more, here is my attempt to narrow down the immeasurable experience into one short clip:

Special thanks to Hannah Masbad, Ricky Afuang, Antonio Galvan, Mike Nunez, Kris Yulang, and Jennay Villaluz for your assistance in making this production possible.