Tough Mudder Norcal 2012 Highlights Video


Last Sunday, we came back to the mountain to tackle Tough Mudder again. This time, we brought more of the family!

There was a total of 12 members on Team Pants Noodle (cleverly named by my nephews): 6 guys and 6 girls. It was another awesome experience tackling 11+ miles and 20+ obstacles on the mountain. Real proud of the first timers who grit their teeth through the whole course. And we did set a record that NO ONE else on the mountain can brag about: the first AND last team on the mountain! We didn’t even realize it until the MC ran through the final obstacle with us. #GetYourMoneysWorth

We captured the day on three separate waterproof cameras. With a much larger team than last year and 3x as many cameras, you can imagine the amount of footage I had to go through. I was able to slice down all of that footage into a short highlight reel that encompasses our whole experience.

Congrats, fellow mudders.

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