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Rev. Paul B. Raushenbush – Sizzle Reel Edit

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Paul Raushenbush came to us to create a sizzle reel for his portfolio. He is a well-known speaker in religious circles and is currently the Senior Religion Editor for the Huffington Post. He’s also the uncle of our very own Nick Raushenbush, the Managing Director here at Glass & Marker! It was cool to learn about some of his family history (his great-great-grandfather has his own Wiki! You can totally see the resemblance!).

Paul’s main request was to make sure that it was “low-key, elegant, and showcased the breadth” of his work (i guess adrenaline-pumping rock music combined with explosions of his name in 3D on the screen isn’t what he’s going for, haha). He provided a lot of great content that included appearances on major broadcast and cable news networks, radio shows, speaking events, and live broadcasts. The challenge was to take all of that content and squeeze it into a 2-minute piece that showcased the entire range of his experience while also portraying his personality and style.

We are very happy with the result, and so is he! Please enjoy:

Directing / Editing / Client Service: Nelson Nunez
Graphics: Nick Markham
Agency: Glass & Marker