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Introducing the newly revamped!

Monday, September 26th, 2011
many nights pondering the layout and functionality!

many nights pondering the layout and functionality!

Welcome to my new website!

This is the result of over four months of hard thought, research, and work. I met with Methanie of Methanie Design and after a couple meetings, we were able to narrow down the goals of my website:

1. to showcase my video work in a clean and polished way
2. to make navigation simple, fast and intuitive
3. to have each video section stand on it’s own so users have all the info they need on one page, but can easily access more info and see more videos if desired
4. to make it easy to contact me and locate me on social networks
5. to have a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow me to easily update my site with new content

This site has been a long time coming, as ideas for it really began from the original launch of my site several years ago. I’m happy to have a site that tackles all of the goals listed above, and in style!

Please feel free to browse through each of my pages as you’ll see some new content as well. I hope you enjoy the site as I enjoyed being a part of creating it. Much props to Methanie for the cool design, hand-coding, and patience! Also, thank you to my colleagues at BAPVA who helped immensely not only in my transition to the DSLR workflow but also by generously sharing their knowledge and experience to help me structure the business properly.

Part of my goal in re-launching the site is to commit myself to creating new content on a regular basis. So in the coming weeks and beyond, I’ll be posting new videos and blogs… including my latest wedding concept video. Stay tuned… this one’s gonna be BIG!

Future Site

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

They say every journey begins with a single step. I have big visions for all the content I want to put on this site, and I am happy ChubbyMelon will be guiding me all the way. Some things to look forward to:
– more “behind-the-scenes” blogs of stories on set and general production
– some tips and tricks that i’ve learned through my various productions (including a chance for visitors to ask me direct questions about the videos)
– a helpful collection of filmmaker tools and reference links for the budding film and videomaker
– content that will explore my other passions (perhaps, Magic: the Gathering, travel, dance, photography, lateral-thinking puzzles?)
– a series of blogs of the all the good people and inspirational artists that have shaped my life
– other fun content that will hopefully keep you coming back
That is just a short list of what I have in my head, but that’ll do for now. and so begins BEAST disease, pt. II (i’ll probably blog about the “beast disease” pt. I someday).

Thank YOU,

this is for you nels!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

finally… the blog is done ^_^.