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DSLR Tests: Canon 60D

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

There is a plethora of DSLR tutorial videos, forums, and blogs out there for anyone to soak up. I found it soon became overwhelming to try to absorb all of this information too quickly without testing it out on the field.

I decided to make my own set of tests to help me become more familiar with my camera and the control I have over the images. Only lens used is a Canon 17-55mm IS f2.8.

The first set of tests simply goes through the Aperture range to see how well the 60D handles exposure.

The second set of tests does the same thing but goes through the Shutter range to see how that option affects the image.

The third set of tests compares how different frame rates effect the image.

The final set of tests compares how different shutter speeds and aperture settings effect the image.

This particular test does a great job of showing how aperture effects your depth of field.

Not only did this one session get me more familiar with my camera and the controls, but I feel more confident in shooting with it. DSLRs will continue to grow in popularity as the prices go down and image quality goes up.

I hope these videos can help you. But I encourage you to go out there and just shoot, shoot, shoot! Experiment and put in the hours practicing before you line yourself up for jobs, so you’re not fumbling around with the dials and buttons on set and you can focus on the story you are capturing. Happy shooting!

Canon 7D Timelapse Tests 001-006

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

A series of my first timelapse tests I attempted around my neighborhood this past weekend using the Canon 7D and Yongnuo MC-36b intervalometer.

*No post-work done on any of the pictures; I just used Quicktime Pro to export the original images into a Quicktime movie.

It was cool to learn about the whole process, from setup to shooting to processing. There are some master timelapse folks out there (Joe Simon, Philip Bloom) with some incredible work, please check them out.

Thanks to Jon Connor for posting up the link to an informative Timelapse Tutorial 🙂

Final Cut Pro 7 Level 1 Certified Pro.

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

I’m proud to say that I can still cram my head full of good info and barf it out successfully:

FCP 7, Level 1 Certified

It was a long week of tutorials but I made it through. Most of it was review but it was good to rediscover a lot of tools and techniques that will save me time and make the editing process more efficient. Not to mention, I am really diggin’ the updates they made to the new version. I still plan to create some basic tutorials because I think it will help cement everything that I’ve learned and plan to apply to my own projects.

This week I will be focusing on Motion 4, Apple’s Motion Graphics program. I know this is a fairly deep program to get into, but I’m pretty excited to dive in. The clock is ticking! Wish me broke!

Apple Final Cut Studio 3 re-certification. the college cram sessions are back!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Yay for prices and Free Super Saver Shipping!

In the next several weeks, I will be re-cramming all of these Apple tutorials for the new Final Cut Studio 3 in my head and then regurgitating them back onto the online exams. I am already certified in FCS2, but with the release of the new version, I wanted to get re-certified. Either that or have my title stripped away and my name removed from the Apple registry (oh no! haha. i don’t know anyone that has found me through that anyways!).

It’s gonna be tight. These are my deadlines:
Final Cut Pro 7.0 – Nov. 19
Motion 4.0 – Nov. 21
Soundtrack Pro 3.0 – Dec. 9
Color 1.5 – Dec. 9


I’m excited to learn all the new tools and updates that Apple incorporated into the new suite. Being a “Master Pro” of Final Cut Studio is quite the title, but I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t necessarily prove my editing abilities. To me, I enjoy mastering the tools of the trade because when the creative waves do come, it becomes that much easier (and faster) to bring those ideas to life when you know your programs inside and out. Also, I think it shows how serious and passionate I am about this stuff that I would take the time to teach myself and soak up the lessons in these tutorials. And yes, I have been very tempted to photoshop the word “Jedi” just before the “Master Pro” title on my business card. 🙂

I am also planning to start a few screenflow tutorials for those of you who are interested in learning about Final Cut Pro. I’ll do a few basic tutorials for those of you just learning the program, as well as some advanced techniques for speed editing (i’ve heard stories of editors who can edit almost as fast as they can think!). For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a speed typist, so I don’t think editing at that speed is too far fetched. And if you don’t believe me, I dare you to challenge me on Typing Maniac on Facebook! Come get some!