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Full Time Kid w Mya – Season 5

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Full Time Kid Season 5

Yes, Mya is back with a new season of her fun DIY tutorials! We haven’t worked with her since Season 1, so it was great to get the crew back together again.

We did the entire shoot in one weekend at an AirBnb home in Oakland, CA. Mya has grown as a performer, and it was a pleasure to work with her. There was no shortage of outtakes! Here’s the first of six episodes (that will be released weekly):

Client: PBS
Writer: Antonio Galvan
Director and Editor: Nelson Nunez

Vainglory San Francisco Launch Party

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Some of the Vainglory team and us!

Vainglory recently launched on Android, and a celebration was in order!

I covered the event with the always reliable Eugene, whom I’ve worked with on numerous Glass & Marker projects. It was awesome to witness and capture this event. It took place at Twitch headquarters in San Francisco, and players and streamers from around the country (and even a few from outside the country) came together for their love of the game.

This was a quick one-day shoot and one-day edit turnaround.

PS: I couldn’t help but get into the game, being surrounded by such hardcore fans. So if you wanna play, my handle is: NeLshawn!

Director & Editor: Nelson Nunez
Cinematographers: Nelson Nunez, Eugene Borodin
Client: Super Evil Megacorp
Agency: Glass & Marker

Mailtime – Email App Launch Video

Saturday, April 12th, 2014


If you think about it, email hasn’t changed much since it was first invented. And even in today’s world of mobile computing, it can feel as clunky as ever. In comes Mailtime, a new email app. The client wanted a launch video that included a host but also showed how the app can be used in a real situation. Our approach was to create a charming piece that took place in the middle of planning an office party and show how Mailtime is a great tool that can be used in professional and social situations.

This project was a lot more involved than the first project I completed as a filmmaker at Glass & Marker, so it was cool to take the lead on it with Brett’s guidance. It was a challenging and rewarding journey from beginning to end. After writing the script, thoroughly searching for the right actors, location, and crew, we pulled off the shoot in just one full day and we’re very pleased with the result.

Have a Quality Mailtime.

Co-Creative Directors: Brett Marty, Nelson Nunez
Co-Directors: Brett Marty, Nelson Nunez
Cinematographer: Jesse Tarnoff
Sound: Shawn Doyle
Production Designer: Rachel Dagdagan
Production Assistant and BTS Photos: Eugene Borodin
Cast: Andy Strong, Jake Hobbs, Sheryl Boughton
Agency: Glass & Marker

Bonsai Slice – Video Game App Launch Video

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

My first opportunity to lead on a project at Glass & Marker was for a short and sweet video game launch video. Bonsai Slice is a fresh iPad/iPhone game that uses the accelerometer to give you a POV to slice all kinds of fun objects! The client, Playground Theory, wanted a concept launch video that showcased videogame controllers through time, all the way from arcade cabinets to today’s handheld, mobile gaming devices.

One production challenge we had was getting a Snorricam shot. This was the “money” shot that was necessary to the concept of the video. We wanted give the viewer a real sense of the movement of the game. Our cinematographer, Andrew, was able to set up a cool rig to pull off the shot!

It was a fun project, and it took place in three different locations in the SF Bay Area, all shot in one day. It was a successful launch video and the programmer, Francisco, even had an article written up about him and his new game in the New York Times!

Please enjoy:

Creative Director: Nelson Nunez
Director: Nelson Nunez
Producer: Nick Raushenbush
Cinematography: Andrew Callaway
VFX: Ben Bunch, Nelson Nunez
Editor: Nelson Nunez
Production Assistant: Eugene Borodin
Main Talent: Cameron Lewis
BTS Photos: Ross Boucher
Agency: Glass & Marker

Crash the Superbowl – Bags for Bullseyes

Monday, January 13th, 2014

the cast and crew after the successful shoot!

Our last entry into the Crash the Superbowl contest had been two years ago, so I was excited to be able to collaborate again with my buddy Mike.

He approached me with a great idea of two buddies dueling for Doritos. We had a very short time frame in which to shoot and edit the video, but we got it done. We were able to lock down a location, our props, cast and crew within just a few days time. Our friends Tyler and Theo tackled their roles with total dedication! It was a long but fun day of shooting. I love these projects because it reminds me of the fun projects I would be able to shoot when I was first learning about filmmaking. It was a chance to just play again and create together with good friends.

Here is the final result, including a few outtakes. Please enjoy!

Two sure-sighted sharpshooters go toe-to-toe with escalating risk for the ultimate prize: Doritos.

We didn’t make it to the finals, but we already have ideas brewing for next year’s contest. Stay tuned!

Mya: Full-Time Kid – PBS Kids – Homemade Ice Cream

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Episode 2 of the Mya show is now live on YouTube! In this episode, Mya teaches you a simple way to make delicious ice cream at home. Mya and her dad tested out different recipes and found this one to be the best. When we started shooting, she kept talking about how much she loved the ice cream and wanted to share it with me! Believe the hype. This homemade ice cream is hard to beat! =)

Mya: Full-Time Kid – PBS Kids – The Cup Game

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

A few months ago, there was a video making waves online that starred a cute little girl doing a beatbox to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Turns out her mom, Jasmine, is a good friend of mine who I used to dance with back in high school. Her daughter, Mya, had been making fun videos on YouTube and when she released this beatbox video, it went viral and was mentioned on Ryan Seacrest’s blog as well as the Huffington Post.

Not soon after, PBS Kids reached out with a show offer for Mya. They loved her personality and knew she has potential for an entertaining and educational online series. When Jasmine told me about the opportunity, I couldn’t pass it up.

We shot two pilot episodes. PBS wants a kid and parent-friendly show that will educate as well as entertain. After brainstorming several topics that Mya could tackle, we finally boiled it down to two.

Working with Mya was a blast. It didn’t take her long to get familiar and comfortable with me and my crew. After just a few takes feeling a little shy, she started to let loose and really have fun with the camera. I think she enjoyed the topics a lot and just has a knack for performing (she must get it from Jasmine!). It was my first time working with a kid but Mya did all of the heavy lifting. =)


The show page is now LIVE on YouTube and the first episode is up! We’re all excited to see Mya with her first official show. We will be shooting a new video each week and you can be sure that Mya’s charm will brighten up your day!

Collaboration with Jesse of Sandbox Love

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I was stoked when Jesse asked me to be a second shooter for a wedding he was covering for his wedding film company, Sandbox Love. His work is very solid and it’s always a pleasure working with him.

Sara and Alex are a super cool couple and it was so lot of fun to capture their wedding. Every time I shoot one, I’m reminded at how much work it takes! Lugging around gear, changing lenses, finding the right angle, all while realizing that there are no “second” takes! As someone who has a lot of experience editing, I can tell that Jesse spends a lot of time crafting a superb, distinct film that fits the couple and their experience on their wedding day.

Please enjoy.

Sara + Alex from Sandbox Love on Vimeo.

Tough Mudder Norcal 2012 Highlights Video

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


Last Sunday, we came back to the mountain to tackle Tough Mudder again. This time, we brought more of the family!

There was a total of 12 members on Team Pants Noodle (cleverly named by my nephews): 6 guys and 6 girls. It was another awesome experience tackling 11+ miles and 20+ obstacles on the mountain. Real proud of the first timers who grit their teeth through the whole course. And we did set a record that NO ONE else on the mountain can brag about: the first AND last team on the mountain! We didn’t even realize it until the MC ran through the final obstacle with us. #GetYourMoneysWorth

We captured the day on three separate waterproof cameras. With a much larger team than last year and 3x as many cameras, you can imagine the amount of footage I had to go through. I was able to slice down all of that footage into a short highlight reel that encompasses our whole experience.

Congrats, fellow mudders.

Tough Mudder Norcal 2011 Highlights Video

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012


One day in May of 2011, while listening to the “Braveheart” station on Pandora (i love my epic movie soundtracks), an ad was displayed that showed a silhouette of people marching through a blazing fire with the words “Tough Mudder – Probably The Toughest Event On The Planet”. With the height of the music playing, envisioning William Wallace’s march into the battlefield, I clicked on the ad and found myself totally intrigued with this event.

Four months later, I found myself staring at the mountain at Squaw Valley with 5 other brave souls on my team, ready to tackle 11+ miles, +2300′ elevation, and a flurry of military-style obstacles that included 12 foot walls, crawling in the mud through barbed wire, swimming through freezing cold lakes, and getting shocked by 10,000 volts of electricity.

I brought with me an Olympus Tough camera (waterproof, shockproof, dustproof) that proved to be a soldier itself. I played around with the footage we shot and here is the result!

Overall it was an amazing experience and ultimate challenge. It also forced me to get healthy and back in shape, which has benefited me in my daily life (even my blood pressure is now at a normal level).

We are back for Tough Mudder Norcal 2012 with a bigger team and new, anxiety-filled faces. I missed documenting a few opportunities last year because of battery life, but we are bringing plenty of cameras and power to document the whole experience. Plus, this mountain looks to be much meaner: more ICE obstacles, more ELECTRICITY, more MUD!

There’s no greater motivation than the fear of failing yourself or your team on that mountain. Somebody give Pandora’s marketing director a raise! And thank you James Horner for inspiring the epic.