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Prezi Nutshell App Launch

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Prezi launched a new app called “Nutshell” and it makes creating cool video montages of your life experiences super easy! This was a fun launch video to edit. Check it out!

Client: Prezi
Agency: Glass & Marker


Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Luna is a smart mattress cover that warms your bed, tracks our sleep, and intelligently wakes you up.

Client: Luna
Agency: Glass & Marker

Mailtime – Email App Launch Video

Saturday, April 12th, 2014


If you think about it, email hasn’t changed much since it was first invented. And even in today’s world of mobile computing, it can feel as clunky as ever. In comes Mailtime, a new email app. The client wanted a launch video that included a host but also showed how the app can be used in a real situation. Our approach was to create a charming piece that took place in the middle of planning an office party and show how Mailtime is a great tool that can be used in professional and social situations.

This project was a lot more involved than the first project I completed as a filmmaker at Glass & Marker, so it was cool to take the lead on it with Brett’s guidance. It was a challenging and rewarding journey from beginning to end. After writing the script, thoroughly searching for the right actors, location, and crew, we pulled off the shoot in just one full day and we’re very pleased with the result.

Have a Quality Mailtime.

Co-Creative Directors: Brett Marty, Nelson Nunez
Co-Directors: Brett Marty, Nelson Nunez
Cinematographer: Jesse Tarnoff
Sound: Shawn Doyle
Production Designer: Rachel Dagdagan
Production Assistant and BTS Photos: Eugene Borodin
Cast: Andy Strong, Jake Hobbs, Sheryl Boughton
Agency: Glass & Marker

Bonsai Slice – Video Game App Launch Video

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

My first opportunity to lead on a project at Glass & Marker was for a short and sweet video game launch video. Bonsai Slice is a fresh iPad/iPhone game that uses the accelerometer to give you a POV to slice all kinds of fun objects! The client, Playground Theory, wanted a concept launch video that showcased videogame controllers through time, all the way from arcade cabinets to today’s handheld, mobile gaming devices.

One production challenge we had was getting a Snorricam shot. This was the “money” shot that was necessary to the concept of the video. We wanted give the viewer a real sense of the movement of the game. Our cinematographer, Andrew, was able to set up a cool rig to pull off the shot!

It was a fun project, and it took place in three different locations in the SF Bay Area, all shot in one day. It was a successful launch video and the programmer, Francisco, even had an article written up about him and his new game in the New York Times!

Please enjoy:

Creative Director: Nelson Nunez
Director: Nelson Nunez
Producer: Nick Raushenbush
Cinematography: Andrew Callaway
VFX: Ben Bunch, Nelson Nunez
Editor: Nelson Nunez
Production Assistant: Eugene Borodin
Main Talent: Cameron Lewis
BTS Photos: Ross Boucher
Agency: Glass & Marker