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Vainglory 15-sec eSports Sizzle

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Vainglory eSports
SEMC needed a high-impact 15-sec sizzle to showcase their game Vainglory in eSports. In these short edits, every frame really counts! I posted a video of the video on my Instagram profile, but if you want to check it out in full resolution, download the game and you’ll see it when you first open the app 🙂
Client: Super Evil Megacorp
Agency: Glass & Marker
Editor: Nelson Nunez

Vainglory San Francisco Launch Party

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Some of the Vainglory team and us!

Vainglory recently launched on Android, and a celebration was in order!

I covered the event with the always reliable Eugene, whom I’ve worked with on numerous Glass & Marker projects. It was awesome to witness and capture this event. It took place at Twitch headquarters in San Francisco, and players and streamers from around the country (and even a few from outside the country) came together for their love of the game.

This was a quick one-day shoot and one-day edit turnaround.

PS: I couldn’t help but get into the game, being surrounded by such hardcore fans. So if you wanna play, my handle is: NeLshawn!

Director & Editor: Nelson Nunez
Cinematographers: Nelson Nunez, Eugene Borodin
Client: Super Evil Megacorp
Agency: Glass & Marker