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Bonsai Slice – Video Game App Launch Video

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

My first opportunity to lead on a project at Glass & Marker was for a short and sweet video game launch video. Bonsai Slice is a fresh iPad/iPhone game that uses the accelerometer to give you a POV to slice all kinds of fun objects! The client, Playground Theory, wanted a concept launch video that showcased videogame controllers through time, all the way from arcade cabinets to today’s handheld, mobile gaming devices.

One production challenge we had was getting a Snorricam shot. This was the “money” shot that was necessary to the concept of the video. We wanted give the viewer a real sense of the movement of the game. Our cinematographer, Andrew, was able to set up a cool rig to pull off the shot!

It was a fun project, and it took place in three different locations in the SF Bay Area, all shot in one day. It was a successful launch video and the programmer, Francisco, even had an article written up about him and his new game in the New York Times!

Please enjoy:

Creative Director: Nelson Nunez
Director: Nelson Nunez
Producer: Nick Raushenbush
Cinematography: Andrew Callaway
VFX: Ben Bunch, Nelson Nunez
Editor: Nelson Nunez
Production Assistant: Eugene Borodin
Main Talent: Cameron Lewis
BTS Photos: Ross Boucher
Agency: Glass & Marker