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Collaboration with Jesse of Sandbox Love

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

I was stoked when Jesse asked me to be a second shooter for a wedding he was covering for his wedding film company, Sandbox Love. His work is very solid and it’s always a pleasure working with him.

Sara and Alex are a super cool couple and it was so lot of fun to capture their wedding. Every time I shoot one, I’m reminded at how much work it takes! Lugging around gear, changing lenses, finding the right angle, all while realizing that there are no “second” takes! As someone who has a lot of experience editing, I can tell that Jesse spends a lot of time crafting a superb, distinct film that fits the couple and their experience on their wedding day.

Please enjoy.

Sara + Alex from Sandbox Love on Vimeo.

Cristina & Matt

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

I’ve created many concept films for wedding couples, but this time I was brought on to capture the wedding event for my beautiful cousin Cristina and her new hubby, Matt.

The wedding took place at Tilden Park in the hills of Berkeley, CA. I brought on Ryan Sarmiento of Blank Canvas Studio, for whom I’ve been a second shooter for many times for his clients, on board to help me capture the day.

One thing that caught me by surprise is the amount of effort it takes to capture a wedding day properly. It’s a non-stop rush from prep to the end of the reception! It reminded me of the 48 hour film projects I participated in, except there are no second takes. That’s the pressure that comes with filming an event, so we made sure we had our gear ready for it.

We shot with one camera each during the bride and groom prep, three cameras during the ceremony, and one camera each for the reception.

The amount of footage was overwhelming, but I charged forward with some modern approaches to wedding films. For example, the idea of time-shift editing a wedding is something fairly new to the industry. It’s the idea that you don’t have to present the day in the exact order that it happened; in fact, that would probably make for a more boring film because of it exactly what is expected. In all my years of shooting and editing, I was pleasantly surprised to find that telling the story of a wedding day can be very much like any narrative film. It made me appreciate the skill of editing an event even more because you have to create an engaging story in the edit room since there is no script; you are creating it as you piece it together.

Here is the result:

Congratulations, Cristina & Matt!

Photographer – Gem Photo
Caterer – Mirgalia Catering
DJ – Quantum Music Event Planners
Caricature Artist – Tucky Illustration
Florist – Katharina Stuart Floral Art and Design
Baker – Torino Baking